Wahclella Falls

In December 2014 I went up the Wahclella Falls trail, one of the best little hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. To get there, you take the Bonneville Dam exit off I-84, but go south rather than north toward the dam area; then go deep to the east to the Walclella (paid) parking area. From the lot the trail starts up an old mining/fishing road, which is great for dogs or small kids. At the road's end, a nice little waterfall marks the start of the true trail, which slowly eases up the canyon above Wahclella Creek. Eventually the trail comes to a fork, a loop with both directions leading to the falls. I prefer taking the righthand "lower" path there, as you have a slightly better view of the falls as you approach it along the creek. The other "high" path hugs the mountainside, and while it is lovely, you do not see the creek or the falls until you are right upon it. 

Here are a few snapshots, without edits (except for a couple of square shots that were edited in VSCO Cam on the iPhone).