Sunrise at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

On day 4 of my wonderfully packed visit to Iceland for Canopy by Hilton, we took a relaxing soak in the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa then ate lunch at their terrific restaurant before finally heading to the nearby airport. The perfect way to say farewell to this place. 

The Blue Lagoon has got to be the world's nicest pool of industrial runoff. The water -- warm and soothing, full of natural ocean and soil minerals that make your skin feel wonderful -- comes to the pool from a nearby geothermal plant supplying electricity to the airport and Reykjavík.

The spa is an oasis of modern luxury sitting alone in stark fields of black lava rock. The lagoon pool itself has a soft floor of what I assume is pulverized rock, and the water is sky blue. When we were there, the air was a hair above freezing; so clouds of steamy fog rose from the water and swirled in the breeze. Breathtakingly beautiful.  

Entering the spa complex, you purchase bracelets that get you a locker, robe, towels. After you shower, you leave the heated building then walk briefly in the cold air and into the delightfully hot pool. The water depth varies from place to place, but it seems to average about 4.5 feet. On one side is a little swim-up bar with beer, wine, and soft drinks, while on the other side is a waterfall, a sauna, a steam room, and a swim-up Silica mask bar. There you cover your face in two types of masks, and my goodness, they leave your skin soft and happy.