Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

In June 2017 Travel Tacoma and Metro Parks Tacoma took me to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park outside of Eatonville, Washington. Northwest Trek is a different kind of zoo than I normally see, one that focuses on the Pacific Northwest and one where the animals have a good amount of room to roam, particularly in the 400+ acres of open area on the north side of the park. That area, full of ponds and forests and fields, is off-limits to people unless you are on a tram or with a guide. 

We took a keeper tour, which means you get a private guide driving you around in the back of her truck as she feeds the animals. Our guide was DeAnna Edwards (who shares my love of donkeys we discovered) and she gave us fabulous, detailed insights into the lives of the amazing animals living there. We saw so many moose and elk and sheep and bison and... it was breathtaking.