Come See Turkey, Day 2: Istanbul

In April 2014, I flew to Turkey with a group of fellow Instagram influencers for a two-week exploration of that amazing country, so beautiful, so full of history. Sponsored by Come See Turkey, the trip was designed to boost tourism to the area, and it was led by wonderful human, Mustafa Seven and his team.

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After recovering from day one (which was focused mostly on traveling to Turkey and lasted a lot longer than a day), the trip kicked into high gear here on day two. We started things off with a press conference with reporters from across the area. Many of us were then interviewed individually after the conference. (Additionally a crew from Turkish television would then accompany us on nearly the whole rest of the trip.)

Next we explored the Dolmabahçe Palace museum, which sadly did not allow interior photography. It was built to replace the Topkapı Palace (which I would visit on day three) and served as the central administrative office complex for the Ottomans till the nation of Turkey was formed and the capital moved to Ankara.

After Dolmabahçe, we got a wonderful boat ride up the Bosphorus, all the way past the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and back again to the little Maiden's Tower lighthouse. After that, we climbed the Galata Tower for views of all Karaköy and beyond, caught a great sunset on Galata Bridge, and then explored the İstiklal Avenue shopping district, with its famous little trolley cars. 

None of these photos is edited.